Delivering on our clients expectations

I’ve had the opportunity to lead multiple product delivery teams in many different industries. Some industries offer many similarities between clients, and some have large variations amongst clients. PropTech companies tend to have a diverse set of clients, Infotycoon primarily services the Multifamily industry, but our clients could not be more different. We are lucky enough to be partners with some of the largest multifamily owners and operators in North America, we’re also fortunate to serve small independent owners and operators with only a handful of rental units in their portfolio.

I had the opportunity a few weeks back to have a discussion with some of my peers in the PropTech industry. We had a fruitful discussion mostly focused on product delivery and the rapid adoption of technology by our customers. The conversation kept coming back to how do we stay focused on our quarterly and long term goals while responding to rapidly changing demands of our clients. Our clients are very diverse, the needs of a small regional customer is vastly different than the needs of a large national customer which further complicates that matter. We all agreed that building custom solutions that are tailored for a specific customer was not the right approach, but how we decided what to deliver and how to respond varied on multiple factors, and each of us weighted the factors differently as we should have, based on what we felt was best for each of our organizations and our customers

Customer feedback drives all our decisions here at InfoTycoon. We seek customer feedback in multiple ways, positive or negative, we welcome all of it so that we can build the best solutions for our customers. One of the ways that has proven to be very beneficial for us is the creation of our “beta” team. This is a group of select customers that we have take our new enhancements or solutions for a test drive prior to a national roll-out. This group gets to see our new solutions before anyone else and they get to use them in the real-world. Our product and development teams can take all the feedback from our beta team and understand how to best position the new solutions, and also where we might still have some gaps that need to be addressed before our national roll out. This has proven to be very beneficial for us, it allows us to get real feedback and has allowed us to deliver on solutions that are in line with our long term plans while best supporting our clients.

Delivering solutions and products to our customers that helps them accelerate their business is our goal. We are here to support all of our clients through a property acquisition process, as well as provide them the tools to best operate their business. The best way we can support our clients is to make sure we are constantly seeking feedback from all of them and delivering on their asks.

Maanav Mahindru


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