Performance Management

Take Performance Management
To The Next Level

Gain strategic insights on KPIs and asset data with InfoTycoon’s Performance Management Module.


Through Knowledge
Comes Insight

The old adage, what gets measured gets done, still holds true. While some multifamily firms may have an ongoing review process or audit in place, it’s often manual, and they’ve shared it is challenging to collect and aggregate the results.

This is where InfoTycoon becomes your partner. Our Performance Management platform enables you to streamline processes and quickly assess performance in real time. Additionally, our powerful platform can be leveraged to conduct annual unit walks and inspections associated with budgeting or capital improvement initiatives. Through performance scorecards, community audits, budgeting and capital inspections, InfoTycoon offers the real-time reporting and intelligence you need to become a performance monitoring ninja.

Performance Management Module

Monitor KPIs and improve property performance with the industry’s leading Performance Management module. InfoTycoon’s insight-producing platform includes the following, and more:

  • Regional manager scorecards
  • Regional maintenance scorecards
  • Annual budgeting inspections
  • Capital planning inspections
  • Amenity and brand audits
Intuitive, Smart Design

Our Performance Management Module has been called ‘brilliantly simple’ and for good reason. It can be used by onsite team members with very little or no upfront training. At the same time, we’ve designed it to be powerful enough to satisfy the most analytical regional manager or senior executive who wants to track real-time progress and reporting.

Flexible Solutions

InfoTycoon understands each organization has unique goals and needs. Accordingly, we have designed our platform to be completely configurable. From the mobile app to the inspection template to reporting requirements, we partner to ensure you get the data you need to drive performance.

Real-time Reporting

Long gone are the days of collecting, aggregating, and re-aggregating Excel spreadsheets. InfoTycoon provides a comprehensive platform with real-time reporting so you can monitor performance and immediately address any issues or risk management concerns.

Monitor KPI Performance

Scorecards empower you to have full oversight of community and provider performance. Our module enables you to monitor key performance indicators and risk management concerns across administration, leasing, and operations. It also includes areas such as resident screening criteria, lease signatures, vacant units, evictions, rent collections, and more.