When multi-million dollar investments are on the line,
industry leaders turn to InfoTycoon.

Gain better insights during the Due Diligence Process

Tensions can run high when multi million dollar investments are on the line. That’s why apartment owners and managers turn to a platform they trust. InfoTycoon’s award-winning solution speeds up the due diligence process by up to 75%. More importantly, it delivers the insight investors need to know whether to proceed with or walk away from a deal.

Intuitive, Smart Design

Our platform has been called ‘brilliantly simple’ and for good reason. It can be used by maintenance team members with very little or no upfront training. At the same time, we’ve designed it to be powerful enough to satisfy the most analytical senior exec.

Cloud-Based Data

As a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, InfoTycoon stores all of your data in the cloud, making it readily accessible anywhere you have an internet connection. The information can be accessed any time, anywhere with any browser and can be compared against past, current, and future reports to build a complete view of each property.

Comprehensive Reports

Once inspection data is entered into InfoTycoon’s platform, it becomes a permanent part of the property’s record immediately– increasing overall asset value. This information is used to generate custom reports in real time using your desired criteria. Granular reports or holistic full property reports can be created in seconds, providing a through assessment of actual property conditions.

Increased Efficiency

Inspections play a huge role in acquisitions. Leverage our software to thoroughly inspect the portfolio to determine next steps in your acquisition process. Our platform can help find the full value of the portfolio and better equip you with the data you need when it comes time to make purchasing decisions.

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Reporting That Delivers Insights

"InfoTycoon gives our team access to exceptionally sharp, accurate information in real time."
Greystar Michael Greene, Senior Director
"The beauty of the product is in the goal-driven design."
Homestead U Ally Herron, VP of Operations
"Our executive team found the detailed reporting and user-friendly interface highly valuable."
Alliance Jeff Krohn, VP of Business Development

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