Residents sign off on actual unit conditions.
Managers receive less pushback and higher income related to damages.

Move In/Move Out Inspections

Improve your make ready process with InfoTycoon, where you can swiftly do move in/move out inspections with residents in just a few minutes. Simply use our platform on a tablet to perform the inspection, then get the resident to sign the inspection upon completion. You can also take photos during the inspection that will be included in the detailed reports, which are available during and after the inspection. Best of all, once you’ve completed both move in and move out, our platform will automatically compare the two inspections and see what significant changes have been made and what damage fees need to be collected.

Photographic Evidence

During the inspection, you can take photos of the conditions of the assets. The photos will be automatically saved with the inspection reports and can be used to reference later for the next inspection or if repairs need to be made.

Resident Signature

The Move In and Move Out Inspections are designed to be easily done with the resident. Upon completing the inspections, the resident will be asked to virtually sign the iPad, verifying that they approve the condition of the assets.

Detailed Reports

InfoTycoon’s Move In/Move Out solution automatically creates a number of easy-to-share reports including Move In/Move Out Comparison Report and Resident Chargeback Report. Through our reports, you’ll be able to instantly find what changes have been made to the unit, what damage fees need to be collected, and how the changes affect the resident’s security deposit.

Collect Fees

It’s never been easier to collect move-out fees. With InfoTycoon, you can get the resident’s digital signature, take photos of the unit, and take note of asset conditions. These items become indisputable evidence when collecting fees from residents for repairs or damages. Make fee collections easier when you use our Move In/Move Out solutions.

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